Find the answers to the most common questions about MarkeDroid’s service and start maximizing your return on renewable energy investments.

Frequently asked questions

Does the service optimize my consumption (e.g. heating, electric car charging, etc)?

At present, the service does not have control over energy-consuming devices; however, there is potential for significant consumers like electric car charging and heating to be integrated into the service in the future.

Is it possible to connect all solar park manufacturers to the service?

We are amazed by the multitude of solar park manufacturers available, and we plan to progressively incorporate essential support for the most widely used inverters that meet the necessary criteria. We are currently supporting Huawei, SolarEdge, Fronius, Deye, Solax, Solar, Kostal, Lenercom and Goodwe.

Can I use the service without having a solar park and solely relying on battery energy storage?

Regrettably, that is not possible since the service relies on aggregating multiple inputs, which forms the foundation for enhancing ROI efficiency. Solely depending on battery storage capacity would be too restrictive and would not fully unlock the potential of artificial intelligence.

Is it possible for me to utilize the service without having a small producer sales contract?

Regrettably, that is not feasible, as it imposes limitations on the capability, thus preventing artificial intelligence from fully unleashing its potential.

Can I use the service without electricity storage capability?

Regrettably, that is not possible. Relying solely on battery energy storage without a solar park limits the capabilities of the service, preventing artificial intelligence from reaching its full potential.

How much does the service cost?

The monthly service fee depends on your virtual assets and is calculated after you have signed up. We will first send you an offer and once you have accepted it, we will get you all set up. 

No unexpected electricity bills

It takes minutes to set up but the results are immediate. If you are not happy with the returns that MarkeDroid generates for you, you can return the planner with no strings attached.

No credit card required