Take control

Our solution identifies the best deal for you to either buy, sell or store energy based on an hourly stock market price, the weather and your energy consumption and production capabilities 1 day in advance.

Fully automated

You do not need to monitor stock market prices to figure out how to save on energy consumption. Our system makes the call automatically, selecting the optimum energy source for you at any moment.

Save 50% extra

MarkeDroid has helped homeowners save up to 50% of energy costs on top of their solar park and get a faster return on renewable energy investments all year round, not just in the summer.

Here’s what our customers say about us

MarkeDroid’s solution makes my solar park smart and really gets the max out of potential prices. Plus, it also protects me from any negative market prices, so that then I only produce, what I need.


From my experience, I can say that this solution actually works. It’s not a dubious endeavor but a very user-friendly solution that provides complete overview and control. Users can truly benefit from it.


Seeing how MarkeDroid further optimizes the returns from my solar investment gave me the confidence to expand my storage. Now I’m fully self-sufficient during the summer nights and storage will optimize my costs also for me during the winter.


Using MarkeDroid’s solution has shown me that investing in batteries rather than in solar panels could have been more profitable. Adding another 12 kWh battery and reducing the number of solar panels to 6-8 kW (currently ~12kW) could have been a better strategy. But I think the biggest gains will come from the winter season – I am eagerly waiting for it.


Seamless energy orchestration

By investing into alternative energy sources, you’ve already contributed to the future of our planet. We can raise the benefit for you by making your energy system perform at its best.


Virtual power plant network

MarkeDroid connects household’s energy-producing assets, e.g. solar panels, to a cloud-based, asset-agnostic virtual power plant network where forecasts are accumulated and AI-driven decisions made on an hourly basis to calculate the highest value for a household based on its specific use case. MarkeDroid determines the best time to buy, sell or store energy, considering the weather and the household’s energy consumption and production. 


Effective energy system

Solar batteries disregard the energy market price and typically go to sleep during winter. By automatically determining whether it is better for the specific household to buy, sell or store electricity at a given time of the day, MarkeDroid enables homeowners to trade their excess power to the grid in a more optimal way. This contributes to the stability of the home energy system, reducing electricity bills and earning back the renewable energy investments made, regardless of the time of the year.

Set up in 10 minutes, results in 24 hours

If you already have solar panels and a charger, all you need to get the best deals of the energy market is our planner device. It takes just 3 steps to transform your home into a top-performing energy system. 


Upon signing up we will send you a MarkeDroid planner device


Connect the planner device to your home network and power grid


Log in to MarkeDroid to see how much you have saved on energy costs

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