MarkeDroid grew out of a personal desire to create a smarter, greener home energy system that would maximize the benefits of renewable energy.


The need for a smart charger led to an idea

Our story began back in 2019 as MarkeDroid’s CTO Toomas Kärner bought an electric car and started to look for a charger that would take the market price and available power into account for a more favorable cost scenario. Since he couldn’t find one, he built it himself, having been keen on the topic of time-specific energy consumption for years. He then soon configured the heating system of his home work at times when the market price was lower.


From solar panels to an automated solution

After investing into solar panels in 2020, Toomas bought a battery and developed an automated solution that would help maximize the benefits of renewable energy during winter months. In 2022 he developed a formula for using his solar park to beat the market price and get more value from his investments into renewable energy. After monitoring and fine-tuning the logic and starting to see considerable returns, other people began to show interest in his solution.

Our team

As two experienced tech professionals with backgrounds in engineering and product management, we bring a wealth of diverse industry knowledge to the table, spanning sectors from telecommunications and fintech to energy.

Toomas Kärner


Toomas Teesaar



Kick-starting MarkeDroid

The need for a new service that would enable homeowners to optimize their energy costs and get more value from their solar panels all year round became especially evident with the rapid increase in energy prices and the unexpectedly high electricity bills that many households faced in the fall of 2022. This led Toomas to join his know-how of the energy sector and background in IT with the expertize of a long-time colleague and seasoned product lead Toomas Teesaar to kick-start MarkeDroid in 2023 and build his solution into a solid application to offer it for other homeowners.

Learning about MarkeDroid's solution

Former President of Estonia, Kersti Kaljulaid meeting with one of the co-founders and getting acquainted with the solution (Source: Delfi)

Former President of Estonia, Kersti Kaljulaid meeting with one of the co-founders and getting acquainted with the solution (Source: Delfi)

Learning about MarkeDroid's solution

Over 50% battery ROI compared to market

Our AI-powered planner is designed for small-scale electricity producers and helps maximize the financial benefits of using solar parks and batteries through remote management. The system calculates with hourly precision when it is most profitable to buy, sell, or store electricity.

Our vision

We aim to become a leading player for renewable energy virtual power plant services in the EU market. We can help homeowners, businesses and energy retailers ride the market energy wave towards a more sustainable future.

Our mission

We aim to make our customers’ homes top-performing energy systems that make automated plans against market prices for battery charging, using and selling solar energy and create additional value any time of the year.

No unexpected electricity bills

It takes minutes to set up but the results are immediate. If you are not happy with the returns that MarkeDroid generates for you, you can return the planner with no strings attached.

No credit card required