The perfect tool for managing your home energy system that enables you to earn extra every month, regardless of the time of the year.

Value added

Benefits for homeowners

At MarkeDroid we pride ourselves on offering value and differentiation in the realm of smart energy production and storage management. Unlike traditional consumption-focused approaches, our focus is on maximizing your return on investment into production and storage capabilities through spot price-driven strategies. By identifying the best price to either buy, sell or store energy based on an hourly stock market price, the weather and your energy consumption habits, MarkeDroid can help you earn extra all year round. 


By integrating multiple energy sources into one cohesive unit, we optimize the efficiency and performance of your energy infrastructure.


With our seamless integration capabilities, your solar parks and batteries are effortlessly monitored and price driven automatically.


Our AI models leverage advanced algorithms to optimize production, sales, purchases, and storage. This ensures that every aspect of your energy ecosystem operates at its peak potential.

Product features

Offering an impressive set of features, our solution gives you full visibility into how your energy system builds value for you on a daily basis.

Moving energy in time for the benefit of better price performance:

  • Sale to grid from battery 
    Excess battery capacity will be sold to grid at premium price

  • Battery top-up from grid
    At times when grid energy is cheapest source, your battery will charge up

  • Prioritizing sale or storage
    Determining the best plan for solar production – when to sell and when to store during the day and, therefore, improving average sales price and reducing average charge price

  • Battery energy time shifting 
    Releasing the battery energy for self-consumption in the right amount and at the right time to cut out the highest price moments first

Negative price protection enables to limit energy production according to consumption. This includes allowing battery charging based on personal energy contracts.

Storm protection offers battery fulfilment to 100% based on storm alerts, so that if the electricity goes out due to a storm, the household benefits from a charged battery.

With EV charger battery protection when EV charging is detected, battery output is closed, so that you will not drain your home battery.

Other MarkeDroid’s key functionalities include:

  • Live monitoring – operational, performance and fault conditions

  • Monetary values – all data can be viewed in monetary values based on customer’s personal pricing

  • Personal – runs on customer’s personal pricing

Earn benefits

Here are two use cases of how our customers have benefited from using MarkeDroid’s service in a summer month. The higher the monthly energy spot market prices and price fluctuations, the greater the benefit customers earn.

Customer A

  • Solar park production power – 8 kW
  • Battery capacity – 10 kWh
  • Consumption – 745 kWh 

Total monthly benefit:

  • Energy sales from battery to grid: +€1
  • Selling vs charging by energy spot market price: +€9
  • Energy used from the battery: +€47
  • Negative price protection: +€3
  • MarkeDroid’s monthly fee: -€10

Customer B

  • Solar park production power – 10 kW
  • Battery capacity – 15 kWh
  • Consumption – 353 kWh

Total monthly benefit:

  • Energy sales from battery to grid: +€13
  • Selling vs charging by energy spot market price: +€11
  • Energy used from the battery: +€44
  • Negative price protection: +€7
  • MarkeDroid’s monthly fee: -€15


The costs of using MarkeDroid include purchasing a planner device for the price of €240 and a monthly fee that is based on site battery and solar capacity. You’ll need a separate device for each location.

Setting up MarkeDroid’s service takes only a few minutes and the first results come in 24 hours.