MarkeDroid has recently published new benefits on our platform that will increase your ROI even more. Let’s break this down into simple terms!

1. The Financial View shows an impressive set of features, the solution that gives you full visibility into how your energy system, which builds value for you on a daily basis.

2. Now, MarkeDroid’s Money-Making Benefits. These display the value created by automatically and dynamically managing resources.

Grid Balancing refers to buying energy from the flexibility market, using the battery’s energy in monetary terms. By enabling battery owners to participate in Flexibility Markets, we’re not just supporting grid balancing — we’re opening up new avenues for you to earn more. Click to read how is this possible with MarkeDroid 💡


Battery Arbitrage is essentially storing energy when it’s cheap and using it during expensive peak hours 📈


Negative Price Protection enables to limit energy production according to consumption. It ensures that we adjust production so that we’re only charging the battery and using energy for self-consumption when prices are negative. This includes allowing battery charging based on personal energy contracts 💰

With EV charger Battery Protection when EV charging is detected, battery output is closed, so that you will not drain your home battery. As a result, MarkeDroid customers have achieved a remarkable +50% ROI without the integration of EV chargers. Considering that EV charging can account for up to 50% of home energy consumption, we anticipate further improvements in ROI. Click to read more about this benefit 🏎️🔋

Solar production shows us the revenue in monetary terms if that energy had been purchased from the grid.


Total Home consumption tells us the value if we had bought all the energy from the grid.


Grid import shows how much energy we buy from the grid 📥, while Grid export shows how much we sell back to the grid 📤.


The Battery section shows us how much was charged from solar and grid sources.


Start now to ride the energy market wave together! 🌊


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