Join MarkeDroid at Latitude59 2024, where we will be showcasing our innovative solution to the energy crisis. As energy prices rise, MarkeDroid offers a lifeline to homeowners with our smart energy optimization algorithms. Our technology ensures your solar panels and batteries work smarter, not harder, providing over 50% better battery ROI compared to the market 💰

At our demo booth, discover how we’re transforming homes into efficient virtual power plants. Our system predicts the most profitable moments to buy, sell, or store your renewable energy with precision. It’s fully automated, meaning you can sit back while we optimize your renewable energy consumption against market prices, weather patterns, and your unique energy profile ⚡

By visiting our demo booth, you’ll get to know how MarkeDroid can transform your home into a top-performing energy system, creating a sustainable future for you and the planet 🌍

Don’t miss the chance to meet us during May 23-24 in Kultuurikatel at Latitude 59 Demo Area! Take the first step towards a cost-effective home energy system. MarkeDroid is where innovation meets practicality, and we’re excited to share our journey with you.

Riding the energy market wave! 🌊


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