Let’s face it: “Virtual Power Plant” is a word that didn’t exist 25 years ago.

 MarkeDroid is the tech of the future but in order to understand it, we have to speak the language of the future. Let’s take a closer look at the dictionary of the future tech, which, coincidentally, MarkeDroid offers you.

☀️🌬️♻️ Renewable energy comes from natural sources like sunlight and wind that are continuously available. This makes it a clean and sustainable option. And Solar usually refers to solar energy. It can also refer to the transformation of sunlight into electricity.

🌞 Solar park is an ensemble of solar panels that are connected to the grid.

🔌 Grid. The electrical grid is like a massive web that connects power plants to homes ensuring the flow of electricity.

VPP (Virtual Power Plant) is a collection of energy sources spread out across a certain area. They work together using solar panels, wind turbines and batteries to generate and distribute power to the grid.

📈/🌊 Wave. Here at MarkeDroid, we ride the wave of the energy market. In other words, when you have to sell energy, we’ll make sure you do it at the best possible time.

🔋 Battery. It is a device used to store the excess energy generated from renewable energy sources.

🌞🔌 Inverter is a device that changes the type of electricity produced by renewable sources like solar panels or wind turbines. It turns the direct current (DC) electricity they generate into the alternating current (AC) electricity that powers homes or can be sent back into the grid.

📥 Grid import happens when electricity is purchased from the grid.

📤 Grid export happens when the excess electricity generated from renewable energy sources like solar panels or wind turbines is sent to the grid.

🏎️ EV charging entails refilling an electric vehicle’s battery with electricity from an external source. P.S. MarkeDroid optimizes EV charging by using AI to prioritize using solar energy for home consumption and minimizing reliance on expensive grid electricity for EV charging, resulting in a remarkable +50% ROI (return on investment).

  Flexibility Markets Flexibility markets are markets designed to incentivize changes in energy supply and demand through integrating different technologies. This helps to balance the grid as the energy system relies more on renewables and electric usage increases. By the way, MarkeDroid is now enabling battery owners to participate in Flexibility Markets. We’re not just supporting grid balancing — we’re opening up new avenues for you to earn more. Read more…

💸 Feed-in value. Feed-in value is like getting a paycheck for selling your renewable energy – it’s the money you earn for the green power you send into the grid from your solar panel or wind turbines.

💰 Feed-in tariff. It is a special deal that government or utility companies  guarantee to pay you a fixed payment rate for renewable energy fed into the grid. This policy mechanism brings incentive to the individuals to ensure more renewable energy adoption.

We hope that this dictionary helped you to grasp the idea of future, the era of renewable energy. But, we are not done yet, you will learn more with MarkeDroid!🌞

Ride the energy market wave! 🌊


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