Now available in Sweden! Boost your earnings from the renewable home energy system all year round.

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As we are launching our services in Sweden, you can enter our pilot program and get 3 months free when signing up before the end of November 2023.

The following conditions apply
  • Your device location is in Sweden
  • Inverter: Huawei, Fronius, Deye, Solax, Goodwe, SolarEdge, Lenercom
  • Battery with a minimum capacity of 5 kWh
  • Exchange-based purchase and sale agreement

Make your solar battery smart

How you win?

Maximise your benefits

Energy flows in daily, seasonal and market waves. In the summer months solar panels earn profits and in the winter months they remain inactive and battery unused. MarkeDroid maximizes your earnings through spot price-driven strategies, identifying the best price to either buy, sell or store energy based on an hourly stock market price, the weather and your energy consumption habits. By making AI-powered decisions, MarkeDroid helps you earn extra all year round. 

MarkeDroid product

The key benefits of MarkeDroid

Decisions taken off your shoulders. Full visibility into how you benefit. Additional income. 


Our AI models use algorithms to optimize production, sales, purchases, and storage 24h in advance based on hourly stock market prices, the weather, your energy needs and capabilities. This ensures that every aspect of your energy ecosystem operates at its peak potential.


You do not need to monitor stock market prices to save on energy consumption and ensure earnings from your solar parks. With our seamless integration capabilities, your solar parks and batteries are effortlessly monitored and the price is driven automatically.

Earn extra

By integrating multiple energy sources into one cohesive unit, we optimize the efficiency and performance of your energy infrastructure.  You can earn up to 50% more and get a faster return on renewable energy investments all year round, not just in the summer.

How is MarkeDroid different?

MarkDroid is a spot price-driven energy production and storage service that gives you full visibility into how your energy system builds value for you on a daily basis. After signing up, we will send you a planner device that you connect to your home network and power grid.

  • Plug & play, certified installer not needed
  • Long list of supported inverters
  • Works on newer as well as older batteries
  • EV charger battery protection
  • Negative price alert
  • Storm alert
  • Live monitoring of energy system
  • Runs on personal pricing
  • Selling excess energy to grid
  • Battery top-up from grid
  • Prioritizing sale or storage
  • Battery energy time shifting

How much does it cost?

Purchasing a planner device for the price of 2750 SEK and a monthly fee that is based on your site battery and solar capacity. You’ll need a separate device for each location. The monthly fee depends on your battery, e.g. 10kWh is ca 130 SEK per month.

Setting up MarkeDroid’s service takes only a few minutes and the first results come in 24 hours. 

How our customers win?

Here are two use cases of how our customers have benefited from using MarkeDroid’s service in a summer month. The higher the monthly energy spot market prices and price fluctuations, the greater the benefits our customers earn.

Customer A

Total monthly net benefit:

SEK 570
  • Solar park production power – 8 kW
  • Battery capacity – 10 kWh
  • Consumption – 745 kWh 

Customer B

Total monthly net benefit:

SEK 690
  • Solar park production power – 10 kW
  • Battery capacity – 15 kWh
  • Consumption – 353 kWh