? Exciting News! GoodWe Inverters is now supported by our innovative MarkeDroid service! ?

At MarkeDroid we pride ourselves on offering value-add and differentiation in the realm of smart energy production and storage management. Unlike traditional consumption-focused approaches, our focus is on maximizing your return on investment through spot price-driven strategies.

Our MarkeDroid solution boasts three unique components that work seamlessly together:

1️⃣ Virtual Power Plant (VPP): By integrating multiple energy sources into one cohesive unit, we optimize the efficiency and performance of your energy infrastructure.

2️⃣ Remote Management of Solar Parks and Batteries: With our seamless integration capabilities, your solar parks and batteries are effortlessly monitored and controlled automatically.

3️⃣ AI-Driven Optimization: Our AI models leverage advanced algorithms to optimize production, sales, purchases, and storage. This ensures that every aspect of your energy ecosystem operates at its peak potential.

GoodWe marks the second vendor that supports much anticipated unbalanced phase output capability for hybrid inverters. This results in much more optimized usage of battery and produced power at home and much less unwanted “leakage” of home energy to the grid.

The result? Our clients have experienced an impressive 35-50% boost in the return on investment for their solar park and battery investments.

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